4312 - Berlin Cathedral VIII

There is one problem with the static blog workflow, that I’ve not even considered yet.

In recent years I have stopped posting daily. Instead I write a bunch of posts (normally on the train between Vienna and Carinthia), and I schedule the posts for daily publishing. Currently I write this post on August 1, but it will automatically be published on August 9.

Scheduling posts is a WordPress service. The whole concept of scheduling is a little bit at odds with a typical static workflow.

Static workflows work by pushing a new post into a version control repository like GitHub. Services like Netlify watch the repo, pick up the changes, run Hugo, Hugo produces its static results and all is well. I’m pretty sure that Hugo recognizes and honors some “Publishing Date” and won’t publish the file unless the publishing date is due, but if Hugo only runs once a week, when I push the next batch of posts to the repo, it’s too late.

What I need is some way to trigger the publishing daily, for instance, as it is now, at 8 pm local time. I’ll have to mull about that 🙂