4314 - The TV Tower

Not easy to fit into a rectangular image, but somehow I’ve managed it 😃

This is the TV tower at the heart of central East Berlin. Once it was important that the communist capital had the highest building in the city. A somewhat “trump-ish” sentiment, if you ask me 😛

Did you already have a chance to look at https://blog.andreas-manessinger.info/, the temporary test version of my new blog?

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restlessabalone   (2018-07-11)

The temporary test version of your new blog looks good! It also has an RSS feed, which is important to me.

I found a post (by randomly clicking around) which might not have been converted so well (no surprise with HTML code):

On the other hand, a post with multiple photos looks pretty good:

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Andreas   (2009-01-02)

Yes, RSS is a top priority for me. I'm in the same boat: I'd rather control myself what I read, when I do it and in which order 😀

As to the garbled page: yes, that was a big one. No idea how I could have done that automatically during conversion. I've edited the Markdown manually and the result is more or less OK now.

https://blog.andreas-manessinger.info/2018/06/4260-the-way-of-human-rights.html was a similar case.

Thanks for pointing it out. Helps a lot!

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