4348 - A Very Dark Chapel

And by “dark” I mean really, really, really dark.

That’s what I always say: for me the problem of image quality is solved. I’m no action shooter, my altars don’t move. This image has been taken wide open at f2.0 and 0.4s. Handheld. Perfectly stabilized. At ISO 200. There’s nothing I could wish for.

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Ted Byrne   (2018-09-24)

Is your Olympus ‘full-frame’ or do we convert your 12m into an 18mm for comparison sake? Is that a mirrorless machine?

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Andreas   (2018-09-24)

No, it’s not. We could call it “half-frame”, and that means 12mm has the same angle of view as 24mm on full-frame or 18mm on your Canon APS-C camera.

And, yes, it’s mirrorless.

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