4353 - Another Dark Chapel

Rab, the town, as picturesque as it is, has not so many sights to show off. What’s there, can easily be seen in a single visit. I’ve been there a few times now, and I am sure this is a chapel that I’ve already shown a few years ago. Let’s see …

Nope, I’ve just checked, it seems this is a first. You’ve seen the church from outside, but for some reason I have at least not used any interior image on the blog. Well, after almost 12 years it gets harder and harder not to repeat yourself 😛

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Ted Byrne   (2018-09-24)

Hand held? There seem to be scrapes across that altar’s facade⁉️ Is that a watermark? Ever since hilding your Olympus in the subway light in Vienna, I’ve remained intrigued by the system’s stabilizers. Perhaps the new Canons will rival Olympus engineering?

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Andreas   (2018-09-24)

The “watermark” is either an impurity in the marble, or rather more likely it’s paint on fake marble trying to resemble an impurity :)

No, the new Canons will have no stabilization at all. It’s weird. Olympus has it, Sony has it in FF, the new Nikon Z will have it in FF as well, only Canon stabilizes Lenses as they always did. I think it’s a stupid move, because there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it both ways. In fact my 12-100 lens, that I used during our walk in Vienna (pictures following in October) is stabilized, and that is in addition to the sensor stabilization. It’s really crazy what I can hold with that lens :)

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