4357 - The Glow

I suppose reality might have looked slightly less beautiful. I’m positively certain this is true for the in-camera JPEG 😛

This image at ISO 400 was treated with DxO. The result underwent a few local adjustments in Lightroom. I love that image. It’s currently the background image on my iPad.

Apropos iPad: I’ve had a problem lately that really was a PITA. On the iPad I normally use Gboard, a keyboard replacement by Google. Due to security reasons, iOS switches back to the default keyboard by Apple, as soon as you need to enter a password. Now, whenever that happened, the Apple keyboard showed no proper key symbols at all. Instead every key showed only a question mark. Try to use that to enter a long password 😡

Obviously a font problem introduced by an upgrade, I thought. In my despair I uninstalled Gboard. Didn’t help.

Hmm … if you have one of those bad, not-so-cheap so-called operating systems like Windows, what do you do reflexively whenever you have a problem? Reboot! Right. That’s what I finally did. Guess what? It fixed the problem. C’mon, Apple, you always said you can do better!