4378 - Vienna Waits For You

I love this image. Ted and I took the escalator up to the terrace of Albertina, Vienna’s most important collection of Graphical Art. I saw the reflection in the window and reflexively took the image. You can’t call that a well planned shot. Not really.

But look at it: Everything’s there!

  • Behind the glass a menu with Wiener Schnitzel and lots of other typically viennese meals.

  • Three horse carts, in Vienna called “Fiaker”.

  • To the left in the background Alfred Hrdlicka’s Monument against Fascism.

  • To the right in the windows on the far side we see posters of Egon Schiele and Siegmund Freud.

Any cliché missing?

Now that I think of it, the escalator didn’t move, we had to climb. The glass was very dark and I had to use 1/6 s. Had it moved, the shot would have been impossible.

Oh, and, one more thing: Today is this blog’s 12th birthday! Cheers 🍻

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Wolf   (2018-10-15)

I like the image, it invites you to look - and I like the (title-) song, as well, it invites you to listen.

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Andreas   (2018-10-15)

Thanks! Love the song as well :)

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