4404 - The Fast Biker

I’d love to say I have composed this image, but of course I haven’t. Ted and I went back over one of Vienna’s main bridges to where his boat was moored. It was late in the evening, light was golden and when I saw this graffiti, I wanted to take an image. Just that moment a biker raced across the frame. Perfect accident 😃

And that’s it. That’s where Ted and I parted - after a long, hot and intellectually exciting day. I tried to make a last image of Ted and failed, he made two of me and spectacularly succeeded. See them on his site.

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Ted Byrne   (2018-11-14)

Of course you failed to picture me. I don’t even leave a reflection in mirrors! Heh heh… Again, it was a memorable day… an unforgettable day Andreas. Let’s do it again in a decade or so? Or whenever you finally cross the pond, K?

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Andreas   (2018-11-14)

Yeah, the pond. I know. I should go and … still, the more time passes, the less penetrable the border gets, the more information “Homeland Security” requests, the more I feel resistance.

My passwords? Really? My online accounts? Seriously? I have hundreds of them! How should I know? And why should I tell them?

Can I bring a computer? What if they take it “for inspection” and hand it back to me after 10 minutes? What should I do then? Wipe it? Or will the trojan sit far below the operating system level? It’s possible and I know it.

Ted, we need to talk. I need to understand your country. More than ever. What about Skype, Google Hangout, Cisco WebEx or even - God forbid - Facetime :)

… and then we had a long talk via Facetime. I have no idea why I didn’t try that earlier :D

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