4413 - Attersee II

This is Attersee again, this time from the western shore. The image is a stitched panorama, something that’s trivial to make in Lightroom. The result is slightly over 40 Megapixels and I probably could have achieved a similar result using the E-M1 ii’s sensor-shift high-res mode. I’d have had to use a tripod though, and that’s something I rarely use at all these days 😃

There’s a rumored OM-D E-M1X, that will even do away with the need for tripods in one of its high-res modes. It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll buy it though. It will have an integrated battery grip (think of Canon 1dx or Nikon D5, only slightly smaller) and will be targeted at pro sports photographers. Too big and heavy for me, too many features that I don’t ever need at all, and that for a hefty 3000€.

On the other hand, it’s good to see Olympus staying aggressively competitive. I’d hate to see a system die, that I have quite an investment in. Looks like it won’t happen any time soon 😛