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Ted Byrne   (2018-11-27)

Damn! You remain the world’s most ingenious imaginer of bicycles to ornament an emotional moment. No matter how hard I’ve tried, only twice have I eve been able to creatively incorporate the things into a story arc. Yet you never seem to run out of imaginative interpretations. Sigh!

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Andreas   (2018-11-27)

Oh dear, thanks, but that’s totally undeserved today. Actually I have almost stopped taking photographs at all. This blog is running on what I take on travels and short trips. It’s enough to fuel the blog, but it is not enough to keep up imagination and the spirit to experiment and creating novel things.

It’s a choice though. At the moment I create something big at work, and the more fun work is, the less I can put into photography. What you see today, that is more than a year old. The material gets thinner towards the end of 2017, and it gets dramatically thinner when we come to 2018. Again, a few trips will save the blog :)

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