4453 - A Foggy Morning in Vienna

This image is inaccurate in so many ways. Mostly I have exaggerated contrast and colors.

Fog is one of those conditions when it gets painfully obvious, that what we see is not a linear representation of what sensors can measure. What we “see” is how our brains try to make sense of what lightness and color differences our eyes detect.

Unprocessed images of foggy days are very likely to disappoint. There are exceptions, for instance when we want to depict that we don’t clearly see anything, but normally, when you have color in your image, some kind of exaggeration is necessary.

In this case? Well, in hindsight I’d say it is a bit much, but let’s leave it as it is. I remember having struggled with this image, and maybe it is not a bad representation of the moment.

I remember a moment when you could already see a blue glow of the cloudless sky above and when there was already some faint glow of the sun coming through.

I’ve just looked at the original RAW file and have tried to work with its tight, all-mids histogram.

Yes, this image is too blue and too magenta, compared with the the “original” file. It has too much contrast and the colors are way over-saturated. All true. On the other side: the “original” file does not invoke anything of what I remember. It might not be so “original” at all.