4456 - October Berries

One more example, and then we move on.

This image is too vivid. There is too much difference in the greens and too much difference in the oranges. How much is too much?

The “original” file this time not only looks unattractive, it looks implausible as well. The greens are too dark and undifferentiated, the oranges are more red. The camera’s algorithms were completely off, color-wise.

In terms of color differentiation it is not much better. I know that when I stand in front of that hedge, I can clearly see details. The berries are not just a uniform orange wash. The same is true for the leaves. The camera? It disagrees.

Again this solution is in hindsight a little (or not so little) over the top, but I guess the direction is not wrong. And again I leave it as it is. If it’s not a good image, it’s at least a good example for a problem 😃