4474 - McDrive

We live in strange times of no compromise. Did you know that McDonalds just lost the trademark for the BigMac in Europe?

OK, they’re going to appeal, but isn’t this pretty unheard of? Looks like a rebellion of the european vassals. How dare they!

Well, if the Donald wouldn’t cultivate the “Ugly American” to the extend he does, I think there would be much more sympathy for American interests in Europe and in fact all over the world. Just like we had it for the last 70 years, even when it hurt us at times.

We see about the same in Europe’s relations to the UK. When the UK joined the EU, they got a better deal than everybody else, and Thatcher later stronghanded the EU into something even more advantageous.

Today, after this endless farce that is Brexit, our compassion with our fellows on the island comes to an end. Brexit is probably the greatest disaster to the UK since they lost their Empire. We know it, half of their population knows it, and the other half will soon know as well. But what can we do? The UK is plagued by the worst and most ineffective government in a lifetime, combined with a torn and directionless opposition.

Strange times indeed.