4551 - What Remains II

Will Olympus stop building cameras and lenses? The rumour mills consistently hint at it, Olympus consistently denies any intention to do so. It does not help, and although I believe them, there is at least the remote possibility that the rumours further damage their business. Such self-reinforcing effects are not uncommon in our age of social media. Honestly, who would have expected the insanity that is Brexit? Or a President Trump??

Confident as I am, what would I do? The answer is clear: my lenses would instantly become unsellable, so I would buy two bodies of the then highest class. Still, not necessarily the E-M1X (still too big), but two more E-M1 mkII, E-M1 mkIII or whatever at that time is the top model among the bodies that I’m ready to hold.

So, how confident am I? Well, confident enough to have ordered a “Sigma 56/F1.4 DC DN Contemporary”. It’s not an expensive lens, but there are no expensive lenses left that I want to buy.

Sure, there is the 300/4 PRO, a gorgeous lens, but why would I need it?

The 1.2 primes? More likely, but they are heavy for the PEN-F, and that’s what I prefer in Vienna: the PEN-F with a set of three small primes. In Carinthia I use the OM-D E-M1 mkII, where they are a better fit, but there I use my PRO zooms.

The PRO fisheye? C’mon! I have a fish and use it once in two years for a few days 😃

Let’s see what the 1.4 Sigma lens can do. There is a 16/1.4 and a 30/1.4 as well. At least they don’t completely overlap with what I have. The 16/1.4 is a bit big and heavy (they are available with E-mount as well), but the 30/1.4 is definitely interesting.