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Ted Byrne   (2019-12-26)

Tunnels are so seductive. They are like the little rubber hammers which doctors bang against our knees to jerk at reflexes. Tunnels do that to our curiosity reflexes, don’t you think? More than roads, they seem to be pathways that offer much more meaning if we risk exploring them. Of course they might also be traps. Which makes them even more enticing. Yeah, the medieval architects reeeeeely were fascinated by the things. Of course the necessities of the times demanded forms that followed the moment’s cultural paranoias. And advances in craft allowed for exploring their possibilities in ways only the ancients previously could.

Still, you’ve revealed a pathway here that’s just too enticing not to explore. As you often do in your art, you tease us with questions… set us onto a story arc then demand we tell the tale to our curious minds. Which is why I’ve followed your work for so many years now. Thanks for doing this Andreas. Thanks for banging your mallet doctor, and causing my wonder to jerk. Merry Christmas Andreas, give my best to Irene as well.

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