4910 - On Francis Square

Part of my lamentable inability to have a good overview of my past can be solved and will be solved next fall. Basically I could solve it now, but I won’t replace my current Macbook Pro as long as it gets supported with updates.

This should stop in fall. Theoretically I could keep the current Mac for a while, even if it gets no security updates any more. For instance I could keep it, as long as I get updates for Lightroom, my programming tools and my browsers. Everything that I use to interface with the Internet is open source anyway.

The current computer is also fast enough and has enough memory. Yes, I really could keep it.

So it’s not a necessity to upgrade, at least not for one or two more years, it’s just that I yearn for finally a decently sized SSD. What’s decent, you ask? Well, the current top model has 8 TB SSD. That’s decent 😋

Of course 4 TB would be enough as well, but given that I intend to keep my next Macbook Pro for another six years, it would be stupid to not buy it maxed out. I see that with my current machine. The price of the 1 TB model was 500€ higher, and I’ve regretted that “saved amount” soon after and every day since.

Once I have a decently sized SSD, I’ll be able to have all my images of 14 years in one big Lightroom catalog. Ready to be searched, always ready to be worked upon. That will solve my problem 😃