4929 - Saint Stephen's Basilica III

We saw a cupola from the outside, little wonder that I took an image from the inside.

This is an HDR made from two exposures. I always take five, two stops apart, but normally I just select two of them. It’s always a little bit funny when proponents of full frame argue with dynamic range. Yes, yours is bigger, but for all practical purposes, mine is big enough 😃

In other words, there are situations, when I need HDR. It’s rare, but this is a typical case. I might get into that situation a tad more often, say 20%, but most of the time when I need HDR, a full frame shooter will need it as well. If you take a full frame Canon of five years ago, we’re level again. And even then, things were just fine. Image quality hasn’t been an issue for years 😛