4951 - At the End of the Day

I’m angry. So much dangerous stupidity out there, so many people trying to actively sabotage everything that could possibly help ease the situation.

Wear your mask, install the damn app, try for once not to live out your individuality by behaving anti-social. Is that so hard? I generally refuse to quote Trump, but: it will go away.

It will go away easier, if you cooperate. It will go away painfully, if you don’t. But even then: it will go away. So why not just shut up and do your duty?

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Earl Moore   (2020-05-09)

Andreas, you’re a far too intelligent and reasonable person to ever have to stoop to quoting Trump. We’re hoping he will just go away come November. This is a lovely evening photo with the boats and golden light upon the water! Be safe, be well, and stay well.

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Andreas   (2020-05-10)

Earl, I have no problem quoting Trump. What he says is essentially random, and sometimes, though rarely, even true. Let enough monkeys type, and eventually you’ll get the works of Shakespeare.

In other words, he’s right on this, it will go away. It just would do so much faster without him.

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