4999 - The Fallen

A few facts:

  • My Macbook Pro will be supported by Big Sur, Apple’s next version of MacOS

  • I’ll get my second USB thumb drive with 512 GB this Friday. This will bring my total drive space to 1.5 TB. Not enough for all my data (I’d need 4 TB for that), but enough for all my programming needs, a few Virtual Machines, four, maybe five years of Lightroom catalogs, and finally all my music

  • Today I’ve tried to configure a second generation Lenovo Thinkpad P1, and for around 5900€, you get a hell of a machine. If you take an equivalent Macbook Pro (64 GB, 4 TB), you pay 500€ more, but the Lenovo has professional insurance included, RAM and SSDs can be replaced in case of damage, etc. Of course, you also get all the interfaces you need, SD card reader included

It quite seems as if I can afford to wait. The new Macs might turn out to be good, and if not, the alternatives can only get better.