5004 - Hotel Gellért III

All two USB ports on my Mac are blocked now. 512 GB on each side. One I’ve named BigLight. It carries the Lightroom catalogs of 2006 and 2007. The other, BigMusic, has all my music, ripped from about 3000 CDs, as well of lots of MP3 downloads from Amazon.

Turns out I’ve exclusively streamed Spotify for years, because I didn’t have my music with me where I hear it most: on the train 😃

It’s also not so important to have all my Lightroom catalogs with me all the time. On the Mac’s SSD I have 2018 (that’s what I currently blog about), 2019 (that’s what I still have not finished processing) and 2020.

Having 2006 and 2007 on the permanently mounted stick gives me the option to continue re-working old images with new tools and new experience.

And then: in reality I lack time for all of that 😛