5092 - Monte Baldo III

We were moderately lucky. No clouds at the top. There was a lot of haze in the valley and on the lake though. In the end I did my best to cut through it in Lightroom. I’d say the result is not too bad.

That’s always the problem with vacation photography: you are never there at the best of times. Obviously that’s a common problem. Image searches of iconic locations often yield a remarkable number of impressive images in the most dramatic lighting conditions. Not so much here though.

Depending on your hotel’s location, it’s a multi-hours drive to the bottom terminal in Malcesina. Then you have to wait in line for your ticket, for your car. The first car goes up at 8:00, the last goes down at 18:45. In other words, if you are there for golden hours, sunrises or sunsets, you are quite restricted. It shows in people’s pictures. It does in mine 😝