5189 - Limone III

Last October I forgot to mention the birthday of this blog. It’s well in its fifteenth year now, and as always, one post per day, one Image of the Day 😃

It’s silent here and I write largely into the void. Since the last iteration of the build system, the blog is completely static. No database, no tracking, no visitor counters, no nothing. You can comment, I get the comments by mail, and if you leave an email address, I get that as well. If not, I don’t. To most comments I reply, but it’s clear that this effort is moot. You don’t get automatic notifications of answers to your comments and there is no comment feed that you could subscribe to.

Why? I don’t have to worry about GDPR compliance, you don’t have to endure adverts and neither do I sell you anything, no do I sell your data to anybody. Solitary peace of mind.

You’re welcome!

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Richard   (2021-01-03)

Happy New Year to you, Andreas. I’ve enjoyed your blog for quite a few years so someone’s reading it! In fact when we can all travel again I definitely want to try and stay at that hotel in San Vigilio, it looks beautiful. Perhaps a retirement present…..!

Sadly as I live in the UK I’ll now have to get a visa to go there. ☹️

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Andreas   (2021-01-03)

Hi Richard! Happy New Year!

I’m glad to see my post inspiring you to visit Italy. And yes, Brexit sadly is a mess and a great loss for us all.

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