5220 - Garda IX

This is quite some dynamic range. It’s not the 15 bit dynamic range of the new Sony Alpha 1 (or what it is called), but it is not bad. The camera recorded sufficient detail in the bright background, and it also did so in the shadows. Could it be better? Quite possible. Would I be able to spot the difference? Certainly, given enough attention to detail. Do I care?

Nope 😃

In this case as well, as in that of the bright spot on the altar a few days ago, the camera recorded more than I could see. In both cases the problem was not a lack of tonal range, in both cases it was the problem of how to distribute the range in what a monitor can represent.

It will be interesting to see what future HDR monitors can do, and by this I don’t mean 50% more dynamic range. I mean 10 times or a hundred times more dynamic range. In reality, what I have depicted here, is far out of gamut for every existing device.

On the other hand: who will want to be blinded by their computer monitor?