5331 - Laxenburg XXI

Micro Four Thirds might die. Olympus has quit. OMD (or how they are called), the company that has bought their camera business, has not brought out a substantial product yet, and a few days ago I read that Panasonic’s camera business does not spectacularly well either.

What would I do? At the moment, I see no substantial advantage in switching to the once small film format that is called “Full Frame”. Yes, shallow depth of field is easier to achieve, but I can have that with my 25/0.95 as well. On the other hand, a picture like this is hard to get in “Full Frame”.

This image works for me because of the surreal effect of the filigree of twigs in the foreground being just as well in focus as the remote background with the castle. The tree frames and decorates the castle, becomes part of a tapestry. This is f10, hand-held on a sunny day, but I could pull it off at dawn as well.

APS-C? No, thanks, I’ve been there. A lot of cheap lenses, and if you want good quality, you’re forced into “Full Frame” lenses, their size and their weight.

Smart phones? Well, I use them for purely documentary photos all the time, but for what I consider my art or just my precious memories? Nope. Doesn’t work for me.

Mind though, Micro Four Thirds is not dead yet. I might get another OMD or two, maybe even with a higher resolution sensor. Sony is said to have one. Thus, for the time being and while cameras and lenses work and are in supply, I’ll stick to what I have. I might even add some lenses, for instance the marvellous Olympus f1.2 primes.

What I know for sure is, that I have no desire at all to go for big and heavy again.