5632 - Castiglione del Lago I

Castiglione del Lago is a small town on a peninsula reaching into Trasimeno from the west. Here we stand, near the western gate, looking west across the modern town.

By the way, in the meantime I’ve got my new OM-1 and the 100-400/5.0-6.3. This is the first Olympus camera without dedicated battery charger. I’ve ordered one dual-charger and two batteries, but they are not available yet, so it’s a single battery and USB charging.

The camera itself is mostly like the OM-D E-M1 iii, with a few goodies thrown in:

  • both SD card slots take UHS-II cards now
  • the menu system is easier and quicker to navigate
  • slightly higher dynamic range and faster speed
  • better autofocus
  • everything I forgot 😁

The lens is … hard to use. I really need to practice 😊

Yesterday I was at the zoo. Elephants were no problem, birds were hit-and-miss, and small apes escaped me completely. I have to say though, that I still feel very insecure with continuous autofocus and focus-following, along with the size and shape of the active focus area. Quite a lot of permutations to play through.

As for the battery: after 160 exposures and checking almost every exposure, I was well above 50%. I certainly can live with that for some weeks.