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This blog started out on on October 14, 2006. It was intended as an exercise in taking photos on a daily basis and blogging about them daily. Early on I was supported by the kind crowd of Craig Tanner’s legendary but long-gone site “The Radiant Vista”.

During that first phase, my images were hosted in a paid SmugMug account.

Sometime in September 2009 SmugMug had a few outages and Blogger wouldn’t allow me to add more tags. With over 1000 posts I had outgrown my tools and so I migrated to WordPress on a shared hosting account. At that time I started to use the new domain “”.

In August 2018 I have again migrated the blog, this time to Hugo. Sources are now hosted on GitHub, images reside in an Amazon AWS S3 bucket, exposed via Amazon Cloudfront. Changes in the GitHub repo trigger Netlify, and that’s what “” is currently associated with: a static blog hosted on Netlify.