21 - A Jazzy/Gritt/Down-n-Dirty Motorcycle

This one is for Ted Byrne who generously sponsored the title, and for boneywhitefoot, who is a connoisseur when it comes to hot, old iron. Thanks, guys.

The image is from yesterday evening. Today, Friday, is my travel day and you can hardly expect a good image from me on Fridays.

Anyway. I came by this motorcycle while on my way home. I had taken a somewhat unusual route, and there it was in all its beauty. I had the Nikon 18-200 on the camera and didn’t want to change, so I made one lame exposure and went along. Seeing the image at home on screen made me weep - regardless of the cold I had to go out again, this time with the Sigma 10-20. I shot a series of about 10 images and went home, only to find out that I was an idiot: I had forgotten to remove a green plastic bottle under the front tyre, that ruined almost every shot. Thus I went out again. This image is from that third series.