22 - Back to the Logs

This is a place I’ve been last week, but I didn’t particularly like the images. I did some different framing this time, but the big plus is the snow. That’s the beauty of being able to come back.

Btw, I am now three weeks into the business of writing a daily photo blog, and, most important, of trying to get at least one good image per day, every day. Did that change anything in my life?

I do feel so. My photography has certainly become more concentrated. It is in a way more professional, I do think more. It is not that I don’t experiment, that there is no spontaneity anymore, quite to the contrary, but there is always a purpose behind it. At the same time I am learning faster. In a certain way that I don’t even fully understand, I must have taken a substantial step forward. I will definitely cling to it.