24 - Concentration

Photographically (and only that) this was a lousy day. I had considered choosing an image from the archives, but, in reality, that’s not what this blog is all about, and I really do it only if there is no other choice. Quite uninspired I made some experiments and suddenly there was this: a globe of light dancing on a pattern of concentric rings, altogether vaguely reminding me of Saturn.

Or is it a spiral? Hey, it is, otherwise the parts of my kitchen lamp would immediately crush to the ground, wouldn’t they?

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Ted Byrne   (2006-11-11)

I want to name this. I want to call it, "BOING!"

It is the most powerful pure graphic I've seen in a while. And the tonal range... Whoa!

I wouldn't have taken this shot, Ad. I would have missed it completely. Thanks for showing us what we're missing.


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Flexx   (2007-03-04)

Well, since I am an amateur astronomer it's no surprise the scene appeals to me! 😉

Besides that, excellent shot! 😉

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