23 - Composing Tomatoes

It was a drab day with flat light and I did not feel like going for a major expedition as I did yesterday. On the other hand I needed an image of the day. Normally this is a good reason to mount the Nikon 18-200 and go for some macro shooting. The 18-200 is not the first choice for macro, but as long as I don’t have the new Nikon 105/2.8 VR this is my best tool for the job.

Today though I didn’t even feel like changing lenses 🙂

I kept the Sigma 10-20 and went through the garden and around the house, looking for interesting geometry. Soon enough I found some tomatoes at the edge of the terrace and had all: geometry and color. It took me some exposures to come up with anything usable, because for the perspective I wanted to use a focal length of 10mm, but on the other hand that made compositing not exactly easy.

The final image is not exactly the composition I wanted, it’s the result of a crop, but I am still satisfied.

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Ted Byrne   (2006-11-11)

You are so obsessed with the "organic" nature of the perfect composition-through-the-lens!l Weeeerd. Your art form transends that. You have the power to find more in an image during the post-processing. You don't "alter" things there... you both find and improve them. Stop apolgizing for making art. Start enjoying what you are doing in toto. You are doing art-photography, not some sort of Nikon ad. What the camera produces is a step. One that you controlled, what the image concludes is the result of a wonderfull process... frequently many steps beyond what that Nikon can do!


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