62 - Taking and Giving

It grew late by the time I had edited and uploaded the four candidate images for yesterday, so I left writing for today and went to sleep.

I had again been in “Maltatal”, this time beginning with the lower of those waterfalls called “Gößfälle”. It is just on the opposite side of the valley, you can see “Fallbach Wasserfall” from there in all its glory, much bigger than in my rendition, where it is compressed by the strong wide-angle perspective.

Next I drove up to the point where the street is closed for winter, parked the car and followed the footpath along the gorge. This is part of what is called “Malteiner Wasserspiele”, a path set up for educational and touristic reasons, intended to show the force of water and how it sculpts the rocks.

Here, in quiet solitude and without having to worry about tourists in my field of view, I shot three more waterfalls, having to leave the fourth and supposedly biggest for another time because it got too dark.

I shot this image at 16:15, already after sundown, which in this gorge means 20 seconds at f11. I used the Nikon 18-200 with deactivated VR and tripod all day, because most of the time I could not get near enough to warrant a wider lens. For most shots I used a polarizer.

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Ted Byrne   (2006-12-31)

The pools of color are so compelling, almost creamy. Everything about this image evokes wonder.

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