66 - Tangled Up

If you are passionate about photography and once you’ve chosen an SLR, you’re really tangled up in a jungle of desirable objects. I, for instance, have pondered for months about a macro lens and had already decided to buy the new Nikon 105 VR. It seemed the obvious choice, at least, yes, at least until over at slrgear.com I read an absolutely enthusiastic review of the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM APO Macro. What an impressive name 🙂

Not only is this lens said to be excellent, no, it is even about a third cheaper than the Nikon, and, honestly, when I was asked last week in the Radiant Vista forum if I have an idea why someone should need VR when shooting macro, I was not really sure what to answer.

The advantage of the Sigma over the Nikon is, that you have more flexibility in your working range. The disadvantage is clear as well: at 895g the Sigma is quite a heavy-weight. No problem, I’m a strong man 🙂

So you may ask yourself, what’s the point of all this? Simple: I’ve made my decision, today I have bought the Sigma. I can’t say anything decisive about its quality yet, but you can expect me to begin posting one or the other macro shot soon.

As regards this image, well, this is obviously the Lensbaby in action. When at noon I went to my photo dealer to buy Capture NX and a 77mm polarizer (yes, it’s been an expensive day), I found this bicycle on Spittelberg (you remember, the mountain in Vienna that’s no mountain at all), leaning against a fence, entangled in some shrub, almost becoming part of it in a very organic way.