118 - Bloody Dangerous

Once again I have no idea what this is. I found it in Vienna’s Lange Gasse between Josefstädter Straße and Schmidgasse. I is a quarter of a circle, metal with thorns, held by metal stands, knee-high. I found it in a corner where one house recedes behind the other.

The Story of the Day is actually two of them, and in a way they’re both the same. The Guardian reports a case of “Parents jailed for torturing disabled girl” and CNN titles “Frozen toddler’s father also faces sex charge”. Three children, two cases of severe abuse and unimaginable horror. And this is only the tiny part we know about and that gets publicity.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-02-11)

One wonders if it is still "horror" if it is common? While in no way condoning the atrocities... It is so comforting that they are abnormally inconsistent with the quality of life most humans strive to achieve. We are not defined by our beasts or demons. Which might be the real story, eh?


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andreas   (2007-02-11)

Ted, you're right and thankfully statistics are on your side. There IS hope. As the saying goes, "Dog bites man" is no headline, "Man bites dog" is. It is certainly a fact that the media amplify only the abnormal, the monstrous.

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Flexx   (2007-03-04)

Which leaves me wondering whether that amplification shifts the stats for real sooner or later.

Remember the first schoolyard amok run some years ago? Before it, we never heard of such an event occuring. The media jumped on it, and ever since we haven't had a year without a similar incident. Makes me wonder.

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