552 - Take A Ride

I’ve got to keep this really short, it’s morning and time to get to work.

I loved this image when I took it, but working on it proved extremely difficult. I could not find a balance between the bright colors of the lights in the background and the muted brownish, muddy tones elsewhere. I tried different temperatures, but when the dark of the background looked right, everything else fell apart. I tried a B&W conversion with a mask over the lights, but that was even worse. It looked badly colored and plain ugly. And then it occurred to me: this is a B&W image!

The Song of the Day is “Take A Ride” from Hazel O’Connor’s 1998 album “5 in the Morning”. Sorry, no video.

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Stacey Huston   (2008-04-18)

It turned out beautifully. thanks for sharing

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