553 - Straight Up And Down

It’s Friday. As I write this, I’m on the train to Carinthia, and as on so many Fridays, I have no substantial image. On the other hand, I have just worked on the cover images for a CD. Remember “462 - Congeniality”? At that concert I had shot more than 300 images, using Wolfgang’s Nikon 80-200/2.8, and now that a CD is coming out, I was asked to supply the cover images. On the back cover will be the empty room after the concert, and on the front a detail of a saxophone. We don’t show musicians, because the CD will cover the best of four concerts of different bands. The actual image on the cover will be a square crop of the lower part, here I show the original composition.

I’m pretty satisfied how well the sax comes out. The image was shot in extremely low light at 200mm, f3.2, 1/100s and ISO 5600. For that it’s rather smooth 🙂

Regarding the Song of the Day, my choice of music here on the train is restricted to what’s on my IAUDIO X5 60GB music player, and unfortunately I have not much Jazz on it. Still, “Straight Up And Down” from Eric Dolphy’s 1964 album “Out To Lunch” will do, will it? No video, sorry, but Amazon’s sound sample is actually quite good.

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Thomas   (2008-04-18)

Both shots will certainly add to the CD - eye candy in the best sense of the word! I tend to favor the backside photo a bit, it gives more freedom to the eye to wander around and explore things...

From a technical side: ISO 5600 is really impressive.

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