556 - Morning Has Broken

I can’t say that I had particularly much time today, but luckily I got this shot early in the morning on my way to work. It’s again one of those fuzzy fore-/background images with only a tiny slice of reality in focus. I can’t get enough of that at the moment. The incredibly interesting thing for me is, that you can create all sorts of effects, simply by moving some inches around. This time I used the Sigma 70/2.8 at f8 and 1/640s. The out-of-focus leaves are still pretty blurry, because I am focusing so damn near, but this time you have a vague impression of the city in the background.

I can’t exactly claim that I planned the image that way. It’s been more of an experiment, but in the future I know what I get at these settings.

The Song of the Day is “Morning Has Broken” from Cat Stevens’ 1971 album “Teaser and the Firecat”. See a very nice spring video on YouTube.

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Stacey Huston   (2008-04-22)

Great shot! Love the angles of your photographs. thanks for sharing

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April   (2008-04-22)

I like where you're going with these. You've inspired to me try to copy you on this series. 🙂

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pnfphotography   (2008-04-25)

beautiful image for the perfect song I love cat stevens!!!!

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