2196 - It's A Fire

This is an odd collection of images. The motivation for the Image of the Day should be clear, but why the other two? Do they have something in common?

It turns out yes, and that commonality was actually the reason to take the images at all.

What they have in common is, that they both were taken with the Olympus 40-150, in both pictures carefully set to a focal length of 74 mm. That’s one millimeter of from where I wanted it to be.

I never had a lens with an effective focal length of 150 mm, and I was desperate to see how it looks like, what kind of crop it cuts out of my field of view. I wanted to see if I like it … and I do … which may bring a bag of problems, or better, a bag problem 🙂

The Song of the Day is “It’s A Fire” from the 1994 Portishead album “Dummy”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Wolfgang Lonien   (2012-10-28)

Ouch - I guess I know where this is going, and it'll be expensive...

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andreas   (2012-10-28)

200€, not that bad. Still a lot of work though :-/

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