4313 - Alles Gut?

A few things have happened. This is the first day in more than a week that I actually write a post. In the meantime I have finished my migration tool.

I have also ported the blog over to Hugo. You can see the result under the temporary URL https://blog.andreas-manessinger.info/. I invite you to have a look, but please don’t bookmark it.

For the next few days I will post on both sides, old and new, and when I’m convinced that everything is stable, I’ll change the URL of the new blog to https://manessinger.com. This will cause something between a few minutes and one or two hours of unavailability, and that’s the reason why I have not done it yet. I want to make sure that everything is fine or, as they say in Berlin, “Alles gut!”.

Alles gut? All well?

Mostly. The blog has been ported and the layout is still a tad spartan. This is intentional on one hand, on the other hand a thumbnail of the Image of the Day in the list would be nice to have and, even more so, I’d like to not only show you past comments, but also give you the opportunity to post new ones 😃

A lot of things have not been automated yet. One of them is what I mentioned in yesterday’s post: scheduled posting. The difference to last week is, that I now know exactly how to do it 😛